Hello world!

It’s a beautiful Autumn day which is good on several counts. Firstly, I hate hot weather, and secondly I prefer my winter clothes. Thirdly I am still attached to the whole ‘new school year’ thing, so I always feel refreshed and ready for something new in the autumn. Today I really am doing something new – I decided to start a wordpress blog. The magic day when I am finally able to manage my website on my own has never arrived despite many tutorials from my patient IT angel Lia, so a blog seems like the answer. I hope to post about the work I am making, exhibitions I am seeing, and any thoughts about art and making art which might possibly be interesting or useful to my students and anyone else.

If you’d like to see my work, please check out http://www.pollyrockberger.com while I find out how to organise some pages on this blog before your next visit! Meanwhile, here are a few images from my postcard-size ‘mini’ series.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. It’s great to see you have a blog Polly. These postcard size pieces are individually brilliant and collectively eye candy – so vibrant & effective! I love Autumn too, crisp and full of hope, like a blank canvas.

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